about cop rose

Cop Rose was registered in United States of America and Europe. It is committed to creating simple, efficient, stylish, intelligent home products, specializing in high-tech intelligent home products R & D, design, manufacture and sales. Its products include: window cleaning Robot X4, window cleaning Robot X5, window cleaning Robot X6, double spin smart floor mopping, Hand held steam cleaner and so on. Cop Rose has received a number of patented technology, which is recognized for our products, also is the Cop Rose brand recognition.


Rigor, excellence, innovation is Cop Rose brand has always insisted on the attitude and principles, but also the original appeal of Cop Rose brand, which will be Cop Rose brand can continue to help forward.


Cop Rose try its best to understand the needs of customers, we strictly require the production of each product and testing standards, we monitor every step of the production line, and strive to send our customers the best products. Our professional design process and excellent manufacturing team will certainly meet your needs to the greatest extent possible. In the future on the road, we will continue and continue to enhance the competitiveness of products and Cop Rose brand value.