Glass-cleaning, an annoying thing in many places all the world, especially big and high windows, as well as some outdoor windows. If you leave your windows for a week, they will be definitely covered with dust and become more obvious after wind or rain. It is very inconvenient and hard work to clean them by yourself, however hiring professional cleaning workers is expensive and dangerous.Cop Rose window cleaning robot cost you less than having your windows professionally cleaned one time.It will be a good helper in your life.Many families,cleaning suppliers,shops,offices,etc like it very much.

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If you live in an apartment,It's hard and dangerous to clean the windows outside,this is the product for you.It has a safety cope which can ensure it works safety.Lookiing forward to your attention,Cop Rose window cleaning robot’s testing safety height is 20m.To ensure safety.,we also don’t suggest u use it when the wind outside is very strong.


Many shops have big and high windows,it's easy to get dusty,not convenient to clean,you need to pay for the cleaning workers.With Cop Rose window cleaning robot,you can save your money.You can clean your windows often to keep the shops windows clean and bright.


If your office have big windows,it's not easy to clean by yourself,it’s expensive to hire cleaning companies,Cop Rose window cleaning robot can help you to keep an comfortable and neat working environment. 


If you have sun-roof,some have windows of roof.They are not easy to clean.If you climb so high,it's dangerous.You can put Cop Rose window cleaning robot on them,remote control it or let it work automatically.It's very small and light,very safety to stay on the roof windows and clean them well.Attention please,it will not work well when the roof glasses is plane,or less than 30°. 

Cop Rose Robot Co.Ltd
Cop Rose Robot Co.Ltd has been focusing on the development, production and sales of window cleaning robots since 2013. Cop Rose Window Cleaning Robot is notperfect.such as our design did not get international awards.our motor did not reduce the voice as much as possible in order to keep its strong suction on the window for thesafety.Also some other to improve,such as reduce the wind surface.But we have been trying to improve and do the best as we can.Cop Rose Robot Co.Ltd is chosen by famouswebsite as cooperator,and do OEM for famous brands in home appliances.

Being different from vacuum floor cleaning robot, safety and stability is the mostim portant considerations for Window Cleaning Robot rather than price.To ensure thequality,Cop Rose window cleaning robot is assembled by more than 300 componentswhich cost very high, any component works wrong, may cause safety problems. We havesold a big quantity of robots to Europe, the United States, Japan and South Korea,etc.Cop Rose Robot Co.Ltd has passed testing by many sincere customers,some cooperatedmore than a year till now.

About the price of Cop Rose window cleaning robot,we have done the best price withinensuring the good quality. To ensure the quality,the cost can't down anymore.To ensurethe after-sell and reseaching of better window cleaning robot,we must keep someprofit.Cop Rose Robot Co.Ltd has some agencies in US,Europe,etc.Also our ownwarehouse aboard who can do after-sell service.We have good cooperation with manysincere customers in many countries who ensure the quality of Cop Rose window cleaning robots and responsible to repair the machines work wrong.

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